For System Support and Password Resets


If you have forgotten your password and have already setup your security questions in MyHROnline, click here.


To change your password, click the Change Password icon on the previous screen.  You must enter in your current username and password in order to change it.


If unsuccessful resetting your own password through the link above, forgotten usernames, or other issues,

 please email

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MyHROnline Supported Browsers and Software Requirements


Microsoft Internet Explorer - Versions IE6 – IE10.


Firefox – fully supported.


Apple Safari - Pay slip limitations related to Adobe.


Google Chrome – Not supported on Apple products.


Adobe Acrobat Reader – Version 9.4 or higher required.


Smithfield Farmland West and Smithfield International  Work Office/Work Cell Phone updates

To update Work Office Phone or Work Cell Phone numbers contact the Farmland Service Desk by phone at 1-855-394-4872, or email, or connect to the Farmland Portal Page at and follow the steps below:

Step 1: Under Phone Lists and Addresses click on “Click Here to Update your Phone Number”. You will be redirected to a log in page:

Step 2: Username: 3 Character ID used to log in to your computer (e.g. ABC)

Step 3: Password: Same Password used to log into your computer

Step 4: Then click “Log In”.

Please allow 24 hours for update to process.